Keeping it Holstered: A Novel Approach to Combating COVID-19


What if we could just prevent the spike protein from ever being able to interact with the body?  That’s the question Dr. John Wise from the Drug Discovery Group at Southern Methodist University asked after looking at all the data and experimental results created from the molecular docking experiments being performed.  HEWMEN is currently performing …

You made a difference. Here is the proof!

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Testing our first set of compounds, we were looking to see if we could find any that were capable of binding over the “spike protein”.  This protein is what allows the SARS-CoV-2 virus that causes COVID-19 to interact with the lungs and inject its genetic material and wreak havoc on our bodies (visualized here). Well, …

We Are HEWMEN has kicked off!

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Today marks the day we come together as a community to form a virtual supercomputer to test approved drug compounds against the COVID-19 virus and find a treatment that can start helping people faster. Thank you for joining the effort!

Update Notification (version 1.0.0)


There’s an awesome update waiting for you in the Windows Store! Update now to get the release version of the HEWMEN Cell app. We’ve been super-hard at work on all the final details in preparation for the launch of the We Are HEWMEN campaign to find a treatment for COVID-19. Some of the improvements: We …

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Please check the Microsoft Store regularly for updates. If you have problems using the Cell app or see something that doesn’t seem right, please report it to

Beta Milestone – 5K Tasks Completed

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Major thanks to our amazing Beta Testers! You’ve already processed 5,000 test results! When we launch our upcoming public campaign against COVID-19, you’ll be able to proudly tell others you’ve been in the fight since Day One.