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You made a difference. Here is the proof!

Testing our first set of compounds, we were looking to see if we could find any that were capable of binding over the “spike protein”.  This protein is what allows the SARS-CoV-2 virus that causes COVID-19 to interact with the lungs and inject its genetic material and wreak havoc on our bodies (visualized here).

Compound match to COVID-19 protein spike

Well, everyone with HEWMEN Cell installed helped us find our very first compound that fits perfectly over the spike protein.  The picture shows the compound we all found (white red and teal) attached to the spike protein (blue).  The compound itself is too potent to be used in large quantities in the body, but it is validation that our efforts matter and we can find compounds that can actually reduce the damage that COVID-19 is causing in our bodies.

Finding these types of compounds helps us refine our search and understand more about how to fight the virus.  The more we find, the better we understand the virus, and we can use that information to help narrow our search to find compounds that will help treat COVID-19 and prevent its devastating effects it can have on the body.