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Mixer OAuth End of Life – What to do

Transitioning from Mixer Open Authentication (OAuth) login

What is Happening?

The Mixer streaming service is set to be shuttered permanently on July 23, 2020. At this time, we anticipate that using Mixer to authenticate with the HEWMEN Cell app will no longer function. In order to avoid any inconvenience from this, we are asking users to transition their user profiles over to another Open Authentication (OAuth) provider. 

What to Do

The process for this is simple:  

  1. In the Cell app, click on Profile on the left menu. Make note of your current username and email address.
  2. From the Profile tab, logout of the HEWMEN Cell app by clicking the Logout button
  3. Select the OAuth provider you wish to use (you must have an account with the one you choose)
  4. Enter a different username from the one you used with Mixer
  5. If you would like to retain the number of completed tasks from your previous user profile, please submit a ticket with your old and new user profile names. You will need to confirm ownership of these profiles by replying from the email address on file with the old account.

BALANCED will never ask you for your Open Authentication provider (Google, Twitch, Twitter, etc.) password.